Emergency animal rescue.
If you see an animal in distress, the quickest way to help is to please try and confine it, if safe to do so and get it to us in Queensbury or take it to a local vet and give them our details and please ask them to call us.
If it is trapped or you can't get to it contact us, we will go out and attempt to rescue the distressed animal.
Would you like help re-homing your pet

Representatives from the Yorkshire Animal Welfare Society will be in touch with you on the details you provided  Please click THE PICTURE for further details

Stray and injured dogs need to be reported to the dog warden, they have their own vets they take council dogs to.

Dogs and emergency situations:



First, ensure the safety of yourself and others. Keep calm and assess the situation before acting. Injured animals are frightened and in pain and may try to bite anyone who touches them.
Contact the vet. Keep your vet's phone number to hand and know the name of the practice.


  • Always phone first, whatever the situation, as there may not always be a vet available but staff may be able to suggest immediate action you can take


    Have a pen handy in case another number is given. Treatment can usually be provided more quickly if the dog is brought to the surgery, rather than if the vet is called out.

  • If there is a risk of biting, put a muzzle on the dog, or wrap tape around the nose and tie behind the ears, unless the dog has difficulty breathing. Small dogs may be restrained by putting a thick towel over their heads.

  • Never give human medicines to a dog – many will do more harm than good. Do not offer food or drink in case anesthetic is needed.

  • If you do get bitten, see your doctor

Do you know about your legal responsibilities that come with dog ownership?


Owning a dog is a big, time-consuming commitment, and part of responsible dog ownership, together with routine veterinary care, training and the day to day care they require to stay healthy.

But part of dog ownership you need to be aware of is your legal responsibilities surrounding the ownership of a dog, dealing with issues from duties in public, minimum care responsibilities of the Five freedoms enclosed within the Animal Welfare Act 2006 legislation.

Want to see if you're staying within the law? 


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