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Emergency animal rescue.
If you see an animal in distress, the quickest way to help is to please try and confine it, if safe to do so and get it to us in Queensbury or take it to a local vet and give them our details and please ask them to call us.
If it is trapped or you can't get to it contact us, we will go out and attempt to rescue the animal in distress.
Please choose the best option above to fill in our RESCUE REQUEST FORM  genuine emergency please call, leave a message if not answered

Pet Bird Welfare Information

If you are concerned for the welfare and well being of a bird?
Please report it to the RSPCA 0300 1234 999
I the welfare is not serious enough for the above, send us an email with details to and we can advise you of the best course of action. 

Are you thinking of owning a parrot? Please think before you buy.

Is our love affair with pet parrots, causing a decline in Worldwide Parrot numbers? Parrots have become a favourite pet in Britain's households, these cheeky, charming characters mimicking swear words and singing songs have grown in popularity over recent years.



The parrot's appeal is evident with the full range of colours and sizes. Parrots seem to be still growing in popularity as pet choice which is causing major welfare issues from bad, ill-informed care in captivity to causing the decline of the species worldwide, from the global demand from breeders/pet pedlers of mass exports of wild-caught parrots.

All but four of the roughly 350 species qualify for protection under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species or CITES.

Pet Bird Welfare advice


Pet Bird Sick & injured Information

Signs of sickness and discomfort


Are a lousy temperament.

You may have noticed a limp or an area on your bird it recently doesn't want you to touch when stroked.
A single dropped wing or both may be hanging low, drinking excessively, panting/heavy breathing or a reluctance to move and shaking.

A mucky bottom, keep an eye out for strange looking or unusually coloured droppings, and yes, you do need to monitor your bird's droppings regularly because these are an excellent indicator of your bird's health.

Emergency symptoms include, collapsed on the floor and unable to stand, a fluffed up bird sat still looking miserable or sleepy, any discharge coming from the bird. If you observe any of the above symptoms then you need to get your bird to a good avian veterinarian very quickly, birds have unique bodily systems, and early diagnosis is far better for a birds chance of survival and to aid a successful recovery.

So you've found a sick/injured pet bird fill in form below


So you've found a sick/injured pet bird Advice below

pet birds helped by Y.A.w.s


Trapped Pet Bird advice

Are you here because you have a trapped bird? Please follow the advice that closely matches your situation.
Should you require help, please fill in a Rescue Request. 

Trapped Pet Bird Information

Emergency animal rescue.

Have you made your house, bird-safe?

While your home may be safe for you and your family, there are many potential hazards to think about and make safe to keep your feathered friend flying free and happy around the available space.


Birds are happier flying free as nature intended, to keep a bird in a cage 100% of the time is cruel in our opinion, birds are designed to fly, and by wanting to own or you do currently hold a bird then you have a moral obligation to allow that bird to exhibit its normal behaviour.

Allowing a bird the freedom to fly free around your home is beneficial to the birds overall mental state but also throws up many potential hazards, like windows, hot surfaces or entanglement, and it's important these issues are swiftly addressed.

Firstly - When a bird is flying free, he/she needs to monitored closely.Good routine bird nail care is essential to avoid entanglement in the home.


Straying Pet Bird Information

NEED HELP with a Straying Pet Bird

The quickest way to resolve a straying/lost pet bird is to get it on social media and raise awareness to your issue. 

You want to find the person who has lost the bird; it is more likely to respond to the owner than a stranger.


Post the picture online, and whilst you are waiting for a response, start thinking of ways to confine the bird.

Depending on the breed of the bird it may respond to putting a cage outside of putting food just inside your home and encourage it to feed from you, this will keep the bird in this location whilst we can formulate a plan to try and recapture it.

All the things you have tried have failed, and 

Do you need help?


Start with getting  a photo

Post your stray on social media for an owner

Get the bird confined or staying local by feeding

Get help,if an owner doesn't claim call for help

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