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A baby Woodmouse found in the house is rescued

On the 28th of April, we were called by Paul from Doncaster who had found a young Woodmouse lying out in the open on the floor in his house, when Paul picked the baby Woodmouse up he looked it over and felt that it was cold and noticed its lethargy and having its eyes closed, Paul thought the little rodent was dead.

After a couple of minutes of holding the mouse, Paul noticed life and movement from the little critter and decided to warm the little Woodmouse up and he then called us here at The Yorkshire Animal Welfare Society (Y.A.W.S) and friend Anne who luckily happened to be in Doncaster at the time and was happy to give the little mouse a lift back to her house in Batley and care for the mouse whilst Y.A.W.S James could drive over and collect him from Anne.

The little Woodmouse is doing great - it is eating seed and lapping milk and seems to be bright and alert, so a little time with Y.A.W.S James and he will soon be ready to release back into the wild where he belongs.

What a lucky little Woodmouse and thank you to Paul for caring and his quick reactions he saved this little Woodmouse's life and thanks to Anne for transporting him from Doncaster.

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