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A Blackbird's lucky escape from a cat's jaws in Northowram, Halifax

Picture by Billie soon after rescue, the birds injuries look far worse than they were

Last night we received a request for help from Billie, Ally and Jo, who had a young nestling blackbird that had been plucked out of its nest by a local cat, the cat's owner Jo, fortunately, noticed what had happened and rescued the baby from her pet just in time and thankfully with only minor injuries sustained?

Jo, now really upset at what her naughty pet had done then rushed the nestling to Billie and Ally who made the baby bird comfortable, and cleaned up its wounds then called the Yorkshire Animal Welfare Society for assistance. Y.A.W.S James headed down to the scene and picked the fledgling up and administered first aid treatment, fluids and got some antibiotics into him as the wounds were luckily only superficial.

Picture by James Green 05/05/18 just after collection, he is suffering from shock and is a little lethargic and not clear if he will survive..

Joe, as he is now known, was transferred to Y.A.W.S Lisa our bird rehabber who has that special caring touch with the ones that come in weak and the odds against them, she's had a few miracle recoveries, and Joe is in the best place.

Pictured is Joe now settled with Y.A.W.S Lisa getting the best care

And thank you to Jo for your donation it's gone directly to contribute towards little Joe's care while he's with us thank you. Keep an eye out for future updates on Joe and all our rescues, here.

Picture by Lisa Milson this is Joe feeling much better as of today 06/05/18

Please! Don't be awful about cats. We can't stop or get cross about a domestic cats nature it's what we made it, let's face it, we have only managed a loose - domestication of cats, and they still retain much of their wild instincts intact.

Picture - Y.A.W.S kitten recently adopted

Cats have been part of our lives and living within our landscape potentially since the iron age as the archaeological finds from some sites in Britain show, like at the settlement Gussage All Saints, near Dorset in southern England. Excavations in this settlement have revealed the skeletons of several cats, including five kittens. They have dated these to around 250 BC.

When cats were encouraged to live with us as convenient pest control tools until the present day cat they have evolved with alongside us until we have today's domestic cat.

Picture - Roman imagery such as this 1st-century mosaic from Pompeii shows cats living alongside humans. (Image: Marie-Lan Nguyen)

Responsible cat ownership is not the issue here, cats are an excellent and favoured pet, and our lives would be less if they weren't around anymore, it is people and not neutering, and worse the active breeding of cats, that is the problem in today's high cat population. This problem is where we need to start to help garden birds; we do need to reduce the number of cats in general if it's not just for their welfare. So help our wildlife, by ensuring you always get your cat neutered regardless of boy or girl and encourage others to follow.

We have the relatively modern and ever-growing problem of feral cat colonies springing up, and the destruction caused by these little hunters and the adverse effect that they have on the wildlife immediately surrounding these areas.

Picture - Pintrest https://goo.gl/images/iMWYQc of a cat hunting a bird

But as the RSPB claim themselves and they are the leaders in this research of this subject has published that there is no evidence that cats are causing the decline in garden birds. So for the overall welfare of the cat and help wildlife, we as a society need to get to grips with cat over-breeding

Please do consider a rescue cat if you are thinking about re-homing a cat and choose from the thousands of unloved, neglected and mistreated individuals in rescues across Britain, before buying a new pet and contributing to the over-breeding problem.

Picture Y.A.W.S kitten adopted by us 2017


Also, please read up on kind ways to discourage your cat to hunt and try to take time to enjoy nature and help you be aware of what wildlife is sharing your outdoor space. Also think about keeping your cat in until the fledgling(baby) birds have fully fledged and dispersed, if you are lucky enough to discover a bird nesting in your garden.


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