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A Canadian goose needs finding quick, Can you help?

We need your help.... We received a call about an injured Canada Goose at Keighley tarn and received this photo.

We have attended for the last two days as well as the RSPCA but unfortunately it has vanished. We are a little concerned that this goose needs treatment so whilst out and about could everyone please keep an eye out for this goose.

If you see a goose not able to stand in the West Yorks/Skipton area please call us... #RESCUE P.s it is normal behaviour for a bird to stand on one leg so please don't call if you have seen a goose stood on one leg otherwise, we will be sent all over the county lol.

But physically unable to put it down/stand or it will have a serious limp, and if in water it will be leaning on one side. thank you for your support, please share..... X #BIRD #birdrescue #wildlife #waterbird#canadagoose #Goose

Please note: the pic inset the main pic is not the goose that is just for species identification in case you don't know what a Canada Goose looks like.

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