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A Fox cubs near miss in Batley, West Yorkshire

A little Fox cub's close call on a Batley main road, the ten week old, female red fox was rescued by Mr Khalil Zamir who nearly knocked the cub over when he was travelling Home.

After seeing the cub on the road and assuming the cub had already been knocked down Khalil stopped and went to the aid of this little canid, Khalil picked up the young female fox and took her home with him.

Khalil says ' after I almost ran the fox cub over, I stopped and thought he was dead, because of the way he was laid in the road, and it's back leg was sticking out, I thought he had already been knocked down, I knew I had to help him, so I took him home and watched him all night'.

The following morning Khalil posted his situation on social media and Khalil was directed to us here at the Yorkshire Animal Welfare Society when we received a call from Mr Zamir requesting help.

James headed off to the scene, and when he arrived, Khalil showed James into the rear of his property. After a quick health check the lucky, little vixen cub appeared unharmed by her ordeal and actually in good bodily health.

After 24 hours of making enquiries with other rescues, we were lucky and secured her a place with one in Cheshire, and there was a transport leaving for the wildlife centre in Burnley the following day, so James transported the fox cub Friday morning to meet with the wildlife transport.

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