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A Late in the season baby bunny admission into YAWS


Today, we went out and collected an extremely sweet juvenile, wild rabbit from a vet practice nr Keighley the telephone call we received was to collect, a thin, cold and quite lethargic juvenile hedgehog, and also a couple of wild rabbit kits. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived at the veterinary practice, one of the baby rabbits and the hedgehog had already passed away.

When we received the initial call from the vets, we have to say, we were a little surprised to hear that we still had rabbit kits coming to the rescue in late September, this surprise is because rabbit kits are a springtime/summer admission to our wildlife centres and not an autumn one.


We have had the little kit for four days now in our care and he's doing very well, he's putting weight on a daily basis, and he is eating his leafy greens and dry food very well, together with drinking his milk in a dish such a good boy!

If the little rabbit kit continues to develop as well as he has done up to now, it won't be too long before he is of a good body weight and when we feel he is ready for release, we will find him a safe place with a healthy population of wild rabbits, and free from any sort of hunting, where he will finish his soft release rehabilitation programme back to the wild.

But that's not today, today he's snuggled warm. safe and dry in his little nest he's made.


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