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A little Chaffinch and his fight for life

Louise from Shipley contacted Y.A.W.S after she had picked up Titch a very vulnerable nestling.

Titches story begins when at 6.30 am, Louise noticed titch and two of his siblings lifeless on the floor in her garden thinking they had died she left them compassionately, so the parent bird knew that they had lost their brood.

When Louise came home from work that evening, she went to move the little bodies of the birds and was surprised to notice one of the nestlings was still alive, quick thinking Louise picked Titch up and made contact with Y.A.W.S, who immediately headed off to Louise's home just outside of Shipley in Bradford.

Pic taken by Louise

When James collected titch, he was weak and was fighting for his life. Just imagine this little birds ordeal, a fragile and vulnerable baby falling out of its nest and spending the next 12hrs on the floor in the sun and still fighting for his life, we knew this was one special little bird if we can manage to pull him through the next few hours then days.

Picture taken a couple of days ago feathers growing fast and getting stronger every hour.

Well as you can see after time with intensive one to one care this little finch is still with us and growing, while he is still very much not out of the woods yet, he is coming on in leaps and bounds.

Picture taken a week later how he is growing and we think he is a chaffinch nestling

He is feeding tremendous and getting stronger with every day that passes, and we are getting quite hopeful for a successful rearing.

Picture taken at a week in our care loves his food at a ate of every few minutes keeping his carer James busy throughout the daylight hours.

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