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A surprise spiky visitor turns up in a Keighley primary School playground

Picture - Y.A.W.S Linda Skirrow​ Transfering to James so e can transfer to Jo at Halifax Hedgehogs​

Wednesday last week we were contacted by Angie a teacher at St Annes School in Keighley, Angie contacted Y.A.W.S about a hedgehog found in the schools' playground.

Angie says ' We were concerned to find a hedgehog out during the day, he was just curled up in the corner of our playground and we have popped him in a box in our quiet office for safety.'

Y.A.W.S volunteer Linda travelled from Otley to help the hedgehog and to see if she could find out why he should be out and about during the day and in such a barren environment as the town centre school.

After Linda assessed the boar(male) he did look in good bodily condition but due to him being unusually active during the day, and why he turned up in such a hostile hedgehog area of a schools playground, we decided that he should come in for a checkup to ensure he isn't sick.

Picture from Halifax hedgehogs getting the care and TLC he needs, it won't be long before he's back in the wild.

James transferred the hedgehog to Y.A.W.S volunteer and founder of Halifax Hedgehogs Jo, where she gave the boy hedgehog, now known as Mr Prickles a thorough health check. Mr Prickles weighs a reasonable 660g, so Jo tests the hog that shows Mr Prickles is carrying a burden of the Capillaria worm.

A parasitical lung infection that Mr Prickles will need to be medicated for by Jo where he will stay in the wonderful care of Halifax hedgehogs for a couple of weeks when a suitable area will be selected, and he will be released back into the wild in Keighley.

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