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Alert - BD13 - Hens taken from a property in Queensbury

We got to know this morning of a worrying theft of 5 pet chickens and brutal killing of a 6th pet chicken in Queensbury, Bradford last night 13/11/17. read further ........

Picture - above is one of the Hen's that has been taken.

The owner Helen who gave us this information, last saw her beloved pet hen's last night when she closed them up for the night, unfortunately this morning when she went to open the hens up she was faced with the grim sight.

She has lost 5 of her Hens that are missing and all pure bred 4 Spotty Anconas and 1 pure Black hen and the 6tj a cross bred hen appears to have had its neck brutally wrung.

Helen is quite obviously devastated about losing her pets and we are asking you to share this post far and wide, if you have any information on this please report it in confidence maybe your neighbour has just got some new hens the ones taken are 4 spotty as above and one all black.

Lets try and get Helen her hens back

Helen's statement -

"5 of my chickens were stolen last night, 4 black and white spotty bantams and a nearly full black one all hens, if anyone sees or hears anything please contact me ASAP.

These were beloved family pets, my 6th chicken was also left dead in the coop having had her neck rung"

"I put them in last night there in large run. The run door was closed this morning too"

Please Share far and wide

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