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Alert! Found Cat(rta) HX3 - Siddal in Halifax Mostly Black & White

We have some very sad news tonight, Curtis one of our volunteer field officers was quickly on the scene of a Black and white cat that had been hit by a car on Oxford Road in the village of Siddal in Halifax HX3 area.

The Male unneutered tom cat was just holding on to life when Curtis rushed him up to West Mount vets, on Pellon Lane the closet veterinary surgery where we knew a vet would be on site, unfortunately this poor boy had already died, the vet at West Mount's confirmed he had passed.

He is an adult, entire Male, mostly black cat with a white sock on his left leg and white on his face, unchipped and no collar.

We have registered him on PetsLocated.

Please share this post all around Halifax and hopefully this boys owners will see this post.

To the owner if you read this, we at YAWS are very sorry for what has happened to you lovely cat and that you have had to find out by reading this post.

We would of liked to have told you in private but unfortunately your boy wasnt Chipped.

He is currently at West mount vets on Pellon lane.

Deepest sympathy

YAWS Admin

The photos were too graphic to show so we chose to show the location instead. Many thanks YAWS Admin

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