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ALERT! Lost Cat BD13 - Queensbury

Lost cat Alert for a lost cat from the West end part of Queensbury, Please look in your out-building, garages, if you live in the west end area of Queensbury please keep an eye out and if you think you may have seen this little cat please make contact asap.

He is called Charlie and what make this lost cat more serious is he cannot vocalise, he isn't able to call for help he can only make a clicking sound, so please check your properties and exterior areas it only takes two mins to check a garage that may have been left open and he's now accidentally locked inside, although his owner took all the correct steps to settle him in their new home and keeping him in for 5 weeks he hasn't come home.

Now its a bit of a long shot, because it's unlikely after 5 weeks, but he previously lived in the Manor heath area of Halifax and he may have tried to make his way back to his old address.

Here is the information that his owner has sent to YAWS

'After 5 weeks of integration to our house and the local area our cat went out for the first time yesterday and hasn’t come home. If anyone sees him can you please let me know. He is a big cat, 7 years old, neutered, no collar, chipped but he may not let you close enough to take him to the vets, he is quite timid with those he doesn’t know. He is not a vocal cat, he can not meow. Please get in touch if you see him! He has gone missing from west end, queensbury'

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