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Pigeon squab found terrified after being chased by children.

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

On the 14th of May Y.A.W.S received a call from the East bowling part of Bradford when we received a request for help for a fledgling pigeon squab that was down on the ground and being chased around by the local children. The kind caller was concerned and wanted to know what to do, so James advised her to pop a towel over the pigeon and confine it into a box and put somewhere dark while we could arrange to collect.

Picture by caller at the incident location in east bowling just before he was rescued

Luckily Y.A.W.S Lisa was not very far away, and she headed over to the incident area to see if she could assist the pigeon. On Lisa's arrival, she assessed the bird's, and the young bird was in a pathetically poor condition and appears to have a severe issue with his sizeable inflamed beak, hence his name Rocky( after Sylvester Stallone).

Picture by Lisa once Rocky was collected, looking very sorry for himself.

Lisa had a second opinion once rocky was back at Lisa's place and it appears Rocky has a severe case of canker and associated poor body condition together with very poor feather condition.

Picture by Lisa after being in her care for a few days

Rocky will be staying in Lisa's expert care for some time while his condition is treated and a plan for his future formulated.

Keep up to date with rocky's recovery here.......

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