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Another winter juvenile hedgehog in need of our care

Dawson another winter juvenile struggling to put enough weight on to get over winter in hibernation, this little boy hog was found by the Dawson family on their farm in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

This little boar(male) hedgehog is over 150g short of their minimum weight to have a good chance to survive his hibernation and as a result he was found out foraging for food in the daytime, where he was picked up by Mrs Dawson and taken into the RSPCA Halifax and Huddersfield Branch when he was handed over to The Yorkshire Animal Welfare Society for rehabilitation.

On his arrival to Y.A.W.S rehab unit at Low Fold in Queensbury he weighed 420g and was in remarkably good condition to say how cold it has been in West Yorkshire of late, We had his fecal sample tested and it shows a not so high roundworm burden that he is currently undergoing treatment for, Dawson is eating great and we will help him to gain enough weight for hibernation(if we get a warmer winter night to release him), otherwise he will stay with the Yorkshire Animal Welfare Society until Spring.

If you see a hedgehog out and about at this time of year especially if it looks small or is out during the daylight hours it is likely it needs help, so please confine it and call for help.

The Yorkshire Animal Welfare Society is solely run by volunteers and donations from kind supporters, it costs an average of £40 per Hedgehog when they arrive at our rescue, and if it needs intensive care this can be three times that amount.

In order for us to keep taking in animals like Dawson, we need help by kind supporters like yourself. So if you care for hedgehogs like we do and would like to help us keep taking them in to care for them please consider a small donation to Y.A.W.S, this can be done by a couple of ways.

Bank Transfer - Account 93594939 - Sort Code 20-76-92

Cheques made payable to - The Yorkshire Animal Welfare Society sent to 20 Low Fold, Queensbury, Bradford, BD131NN

Paypal - info@yorkshireaws.org

Every penny we receive go directly into care for the animals we rescue like little Dawson.

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