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Are red and grey squirrels the same? What are the main differences between Red and Greys?


Approx 16in long and weigh between 9-12oz Red have tufted ears that the greys don't have.

Reds and greys diets differ due to the size difference, and reds will eat fruits, berries and small seeds mainly from conifer trees and ripe acorns.

Breeds between January and March

Both builds a nest called a drey.

Reds were once hunted for its fur.


20 inches long - weigh 14 - 20oz

Acorns, tree shoots, flowers, nuts and fruits and will eat sap tissue from scraping the bark off trees.

Reds do well in pine forests and woodlands with a varied species.

Greys don't do well in pine forests

Greys can problem solve better than Reds

A grey’s size means it is more confident than the red

Greys can cope better with the colder weather

Greys definitely have had a significant contributory factor in the reds decline but humans and habitat loss are the leading cause for its decline, and this needs addressing as well.

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