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Beware Toads crossing in March

In March toads are on the march back to their breeding grounds, during this time mainly on warm wet nights, keep an eye out for toads in the road and keep an eye out for road signs indicating their ancestral routes, many across roads.

Frogs too will be on the move, but they don't tend to group together like toads, remember if it waddles rather than hops its likely to be a toad.

If you know of any toad crossings nearby, let us know, and we will set up a toad crossing patrol or if you're further away? Why don't you set up a toad crossing patrol and help our amphibians?

If you need to rescue a toad or frog gently pick them up from behind and pop them into a deep bowl or bucket with a little water in the bottom to keep them damp. And get advice from a rescue.

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