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Birds Down your Chimney, want to know what to do?

Can you hear strange noises, maybe a flapping sound around the fireplace area? Yes, well Chances are you have a bird that has fallen down your chimney, and is now trapped and all the noise you can hear is the birds failed attempts at freedom, so needs your help to free it.

Firstly it is best to prevent this activity from happening.

This is in order to prevent nuisance to yourself, injury to the birds and damage to their nests, as well as reducing the risk of chimney fires.

This can be achieved through regular sweeping of chimneys and by fitting a cowl to the chimney pot to prevent access to the chimney.

but now you have got a birds stuck you need to get it out as soon as possible, below are steps to follow if you have a bird stuck.

1) Don't use the fire

2) Call an engineer or chimney sweep to disable the fire and access the flue to free the bird.

3) Get something ready to confine the bird in once it is out of the chimney. its likely it will need to go to a wildlife rehabilitator for assessment for any adverse effects of the chimney contaminants.

4) Put the bird somewhere dark and warm and please do offer a drink to the bird in a shallow dish will do and get the bird to a wildlife rehabilitator as quickly as possible.

If the bird is further up the chimney advice from the RSPB is

"If there are birds stuck in your chimney that are not nesting then they can be retrieved by waiting until night time and then making the room at the bottom very dark and shining a very bright torch up the chimney. This entices the birds down to 'daylight' and they can be caught in a sheet at the bottom"

Please call us once the above has been carried out and we are happy collect for rehabilitation, 07999976403 email us at info@yorkshireaws.org

If you are unable to find a rehabilitator near you please call the RSPCA 0300 1234 999, who will collect as well.

Once its over please look into getting a cowling fitted to your chimney to avoid this from reoccurring.

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