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Now been re-homed - Cockerel rescued during storm Brian - Now looking for his forever home

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

YAWS was alerted about a cockerel which had been in the gardens of a block of flats in Pye Nest for a couple of days. He was still wandering about after dark last night, and in danger of foxes and at the mercy of the turbulent weather during storm Brian.

YAWS volunteers decided rather than leave him out another night they should try to get him to safety.

It entailed a lot of clambering about on muddy steep banks but eventually he was successfully captured.

He looks to be in good health and seems a sweet boy.

How he came to be in this situation will probably never be known but he is now looking for a forever home.

Please share to anyone who may be able to help, and well done to everyone involved in this rescue

He has now been re-homed

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