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Cockerels and cruelty they face, Please think before you breed?

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Cockerels and that familiar farmyard sound they proudly declare every morning, A cockerel's crow is a sound that not only divides people, neighbourhoods and is unfortunately the leading cause for the biggest and mostly accepted but largely unspoken acts of cruelty on a single species.

Before you breed chickens or allow a broody hen to incubate eggs.

Think? Can I secure the future welfare for all the male chickens I hatch?

With all the back yard keepers and smallholders that still routinely breed poultry that is a lot of potential unwanted cockerels, Y.A.W.S has picked cockerels up that have been found dumped like trash, and usually in dangerous situations. another solution is males are killed at 6-8 weeks old when it's apparent they have a boy.

We say please think before you breed

Think what am I going to do if I get six cocks out of a twelve egg hatch? Other methods of disposal used by the backyard breeder of unwanted males are a bird sales and auctions. Here the birds can spend week after week in cramp barren cages.

Others are Dumped at rescues that can accommodate poultry. Another darker fate is in store for young male chickens born in the hands of the less caring, and selfish. These greedy individuals that use the discarded souls for cruel acts like cockfighting training or dog bait training.

Think? Why am I breeding? There are so many needy chickens out there, by rescuing one of these needy birds, you're helping a soul and you avoid having to make any decisions on any unwanted cockerels you may have hatched.

Remember all you budding backyard breeders? There is a 50/50 chance, boys will hatch, and as it is all too common Cockerel's will have a poor uncertain future. But this potential cruelty has no comparison to the poor born within egg agriculture.

In the food industry

It’s estimated 100 million Male chicks are killed per year globally for the commercial egg industry. Male chicks are worthless, and a cruel fate awaits the unfortunate of either suffocation, gassing or being ground up alive! All legally acceptable humane methods of disposal. It's all so shameful when studies of Newly hatched chicks show they are more aware and have higher intelligence than that of a newborn human baby.

So many agriculture eggs are hatched in hatcheries/incubators, this means that chickens of both sexes will never have the social interactions of their mothers. Never learn to forage in the grass and develop the strong bond that a social animal needs to fit well into any social collective.

Now here is where you can do your bit to help this situation by being mindful of the background to your egg purchases by buying less and more locally.

If you currently have chickens and think you could accommodate a couple of cockerels we'd love to hear from you, and It’s a myth that cockerels won't live together. Given enough hens and room to not feel threatened, males can live together in relative peace.

Please visit https://www.yorkshireaws.org/poultry-bird-rescue

Do something good for animals in 2019, and think before you breed?

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