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Could big cats be coming back to the UK? What are your thoughts?

Conservationists join forces in an ambitious bid to bring Britain's lost wildcat back to the UK. In July after a two-year consultation, the Lynx UK Trust submitted the UK's first ever licence application to Natural England in a bid to release the Eurasian Lynx back into sites in the north of the UK.

The conservationists plan is to reintroduce the Eurasian Lynx back into the UK in an attempt to restore some balance back in our ecosystem, since the big cat, once a native of the British Isles disappeared from the British isles around 1300 years ago, due to persecution from humans.

As a result the UK has a high density of deer and If left unchecked the herbivores can cause severe damage to our forests, and then, in turn, damage the ecosystem for all the other mammals that inhabit the same environment, throwing our country's ecosystem out of balance.

The Lynx UK Trust believes that the reintroduction of the Lynx back to the UK will help to control our deer populations, the trusts research shows that deer is the primary source of prey for the Lynx in Europe, and that the secretive nature of the Lynx also suggests any interactions with humans and livestock will be minimal and no risk to humans, and low risk to livestock. and the trial should help restore some balance as currently deer do not have any natural predators.

The trust received a boost in August, as landowners in and around the Kielder forest in Northumberland agreed this trial could go ahead on their land.

The Lynx UK trust says "that consent for the project was now a ‘near certainty’ after the owners of 20 adjoining plots in the forest agreed the animals could be let loose on their land. If the release is successful, it could lead to the widespread reintroduction of the cats into the Scottish Highlands and other parts of Britain".

The re-wilding group are now just awaiting the decision from Natural England on their licence application.

What do you think on the reintroduction trial? Would you like to see the Lynx back in the UK?

The Yorkshire Animal Welfare Society fully supports this initiative, and any initiatives that will see efforts to repair the British Isles and restore our ecosystems.

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