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Daddy looking for a special home, could you help - SBT 2 years old

On behalf of another rescue, we have up for adoption a lovely and special 2 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Daddy.

Daddy has had an awful start to life and after being beaten and abused quite a bit of his two years of life.

Daddy is a very handsome, sweet and loving, fun dog just like most Staffordshire Bull terriers.

The breed is reknown for their good nature but due to his past Daddy needs time to get over his torment and àt his pace by a considerate handler to learn to trust men again.

As result Daddy is a little scared of males at first, but he is a different dog when he's sure he's not going to get hurt.

He has been vaccinated and he is fully neutered and comes with the back up of full rescue back up for any new adoptee .

this is to help anyone with the heart to help Daddy be a confident, happy soul.

He hasn't been tested with other male dogs or small furry animals including cats, but he was ok with a female dog, and due to his poor start he would benefit from a quieter, calmer environment so probably a home without children.

Have you got the space, time and love to bring this handsome dog out of himself and show him that life is worth living.

If you think you could help, please get in touch asap, and remember.

  • He has full rescue back up- meaning you have the back up of experienced people helping you all the way.

  • He's only young being only 2 years old and he has the time for his out look on life to be changed with the right person.

  • He's fully vaccinated, chipped and neutered

Why not start the new year rescuing a tortured soul and show him that 2018 is the year his life starts again surrounded by love and cosy, warm couch to snuggle on.

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