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First fledgling Blackbird fledgling March 2019- What to do if you find one?

New admission - A fledgling Blackbird found on the floor then taken into Ashlands vets in Ilkley, collected yesterday.

He/she will Now stay in our care until he/she is old enough to survive on his/her own.

If you find a baby bird like this please get advice before touching it unless, it’s at risk then move it off the ground into a nearby bush.

Here's a brief guide should you see a baby bird and you're unsure if moving it is the best course of action.

1) If it has no or only a few feathers, please pick up asap? Your Scent on the bird doesn't matter keep warm and call someone.

2) If it’s injured - if you can see blood or an obvious broken wing or leg? Confine put in a quiet, dark and warm place to counteract shock. This bird needs a vet asap, advice is to pop it down to your local vet it won't cost you anything, and they can tell by looking at it, if the bird is likely to survive and tell them we will take, leave it with them and give them our number. We can collect from them if not too far; otherwise, you may need to meet one of us.

3) If it’s fully feathered like this one, pop him up higher in a bush and go in the house or well away but monitor closely for the parents attending, listen carefully you may even hear the parent's alarm calling. This one is better left they do better with the parents than in rescue. If you're still concerned, i.e. no parents have been within half an hour of constant monitoring, then confine and call.

Please keep any household cats in until you can ascertain if the parents are coming and feeding they will hopefully take the juvenile away it is normal behaviour for birds like blackbirds for the babies to hop about in bushes etc. before they can fully fly, this is not a reason to pick up....

Please note...... When a baby bird comes into a rescue situation it is very stressful and not all birds cope well with captivity and could die of the shock. It takes effort and time for them to feel safe enough to feed correctly, together with the shock this can kill them. Please bear this in mind before intervening.

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