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Give a Hog a helping hand today, numbers down by a shocking 50%

In light of the recent report that has been published that shows hedgehog numbers down by a shocking 50%, especially in rural areas.

The figures are shocking and very worrying for one of Britain's treasured wild mammal, will you make a difference to the hedgehog survival rate in your area by making small changes in your garden like:

  • Leaving/creating a hole in all your garden boundaries large enough for a Hog to come and go freely.

  • Leave a natural untidy area in your garden where hogs can hide during the day and to hibernate in during the colder periods.

  • Avoid completely using chemicals and never ever use slug pellets there are so many alternatives out there with just a bit of research. #slugpelletskillmorethanslugs

You can help them further by, if you know you have hedgehogs visiting your garden , you can give them a helping hand by putting food out meaty dog food. Cat biscuits and water is ideal.

These little changes to your garden will make a massive difference to hedgehogs and you will be rewarded double fold, when these cute spiky balls are visiting your garden every night.

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