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Harold Park family update, has the female 468 stayed with her family?

After dad's secret love affair. Notice correction her ring is 468 not 648

So what has happened at Harold Park since we released 468

(see related post dated September 12th on her rescue)

So we reported on the 11/09/17 that 468 had been rescued from a busy road although a little shocked and a couple of grazes, she was fit enough for the release back with her family at Harold park.

But all was not well, her grazes were consistent with a swan fight and her behaviour towards the male was a little frosty and due to this pairs history we aren't surprised, we had determined that this male had most likely been involved with another swan, he did the same thing last year, but the female forgave his wandering eyes.

So what has happened since our involvement on 11/09/17.

Well, Judy and the rest of the volunteers from Yorkshire Swan Rescue(YSR) and ourselves have been keeping a very close eye on the situation.

Well here is what we have so far, the day after her release on Monday the guys from Yorkshire swan rescue reported back to YAWS that our 468 in fact was missing in the afternoon when the guys wen't to Harold, she had completely vanished and once again had left all her cygnets behind with the Cob(dad).

Now on the face of it, this is normal behaviour the adults have just gone through moult, this is where the birds shed old feathers and regrow new feathers whilst the male is larger and and has more feathers to regrow, he is still flightless until his primary feathers grow enough to gain lift and flight and as of yet still grounded at Harold Park and her cygnets are almost ready to leave the parents so there is no worry about them, she is a wonderfully attentive mother.

Our female may have felt a little insecure at Harold after the incident and tried to move the family to another location but failed, this is due to the males inability to fly just yet, the dedicated team at YSR managed to track her down nearby at Park dam, funnily enough this is where this males previous partner was found dead and floating in the middle of the lake in 2015.

Our swan seemed fine but why here, at this dam? was she looking for 690 the female temptress that visited our male

(Picture Park Dam - Bradford)

last year and the pair had an illicit mating causing all the trouble that year? Maybe?

The YSR guys set about talking to the local residents that have a keen interest in the swans at park dam as well as all the wildlife, they said she has frequently been seen flitting between Harold and Park dam, also the mysterious swan 690 hasn't been seen this year so far, where has this pair gone to.

We were worried and hoped she doesn't move tonight as the gales were hitting 70 mph and we may have another rescue on our hands or worse she could have gone missing altogether, whilst back at Harold Park, Dad and the children were calm and doing just fine, this pair have been so good they have got every cygnet they hatched hatched to where they are today, which is a massive achievement in its self and as long as our male can keep his urges under control we could have a successful breeding pair at Harold which is brilliant news especially after the males tragedy in 2015.

Wednesday the dedicated team at YSR were back at Harold and great news, 468 were back with her family and all seemed calm, relaxed and the male does seem to have been forgiven although still no bonding behaviour was witnessed, the team are a little less anxious about the family,

So yesterday 14/09/17 whilst out on another emergency swan job, but this time at St Ives report to follow this pair is another saga with tragedy, there does seem to be a reoccurring theme in the swan world are swans not as peaceful as they appear.

Well we are happy to show you some lovely pictures of the Harold park family doing just fine.

See how relaxed the family seems , we now think this family will be fine until the Cygnets fly the nest and we will be picking them up in all manner of unusual places especially if the weather deteriorates when they are leaving.

We need your help now? if you go to Harold park why not pop down to see how this family are doing if 468 has gone again or the Cygnets are gone, please do let us know and we will report back on this post.

If you see a swan in distress call the brilliant guys at Yorkshire Swan rescue they are the experts in this field but YAWS does work very closely with the volunteers so please do ring us as well and we will liaise with the necessary individuals.

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