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Hedgehog saved after falling in a pond

A member of the public stepped in to rescue a hedgehog she'd found bobbing about in her pond, and swiftly got it over to YAWS Queensbury. The cold adult hog was in good condition although covered in green pond weed and suffering slight hyperthermia.

On arrival he was checked over, given subcut fluids and placed under a heat lamp to dry out and warm up. This warming up process was done gradually, as with any animal suffering the effects of exposure, if done too quickly can send the animal into shock.

Once stabilised he was weighed in at 600g, which is a little under for the time of year but he should soon gain the extra needed with the correct care.


Today he has had another health check and he's doing great, he's eating well and already gained 30g. Now he's stronger he'll be wormed and hopefully he will gain enough weight to be released so he can find somewhere warm and cosy to hibernate during the cold months and have enough weight and condition to make it to spring.

***UPDATE 22/10/17***

Our little pond hedgehog has no side affects from his dip in a cold pond and he has gained good weight and gone on the next stage of his rehabilitation to one of our carers Joy, for some TLC and feeding up to build up his weight to an ideal release weight, he may just be released back into the wild before spring yet, if he can progress as he has so far, and the weather holds out quite warm for the time of year.

***Wildlife Safety Tip for Ponds***

Always add a 'beach' type area to at least one side of any pond, this may be built as a gradual slope, or add something like a wildlife ladder or anything which will aid fallen wildlife to climb out of the water quickly and easily - thank you.

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