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Help Badger cubs - Seen a dead badger, please - Stop and Check!

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

4th January 2019

Here at the Yorkshire Animal welfare society, we are starting our annual badger #stopandcheck appeal. Every year badgers along with many other animals are killed and seriously injured on our roads involving an estimated one million road casualties.

When you drive past and notice a badger at the side of the road it may be motionless and appear dead, we always urge people to stop, if safe to do so of course and perform a check, the badger may be alive, suffering and in need of urgent help.

The Badger is an animal so low to the ground that they tend to go under a vehicle when involved in a vehicle impact and then get seriously injured but not killed outright.

They then can appear dead and completely motionless, but is still alive and suffering.

Now from mid-January to mid-March is the badgers breeding season and the sows (female) badgers are giving birth in setts up and down the UK, and with the extra mouths to feed they will be making extra foraging trips to meet the demand of the growing cubs.

Please join our awareness #stopandcheck appeal to encourage road users who notice a badger at the side of the road to stop and check the casualty to:

  • Confirm that the is badger dead

  • If safe to do so and you have confirmed it is dead, look on the underside and check if you can see teats. it could save badger cubs lives If the badger is alive, please call us or nearest wildlife rescue/badger group.

Upon checking the underside of the badger, you may be able to see the sow's nipples protruding from the fur and may even see her full from milk.

Should you confirm that the badger in front of you could be a lactating sow

Please report it as quickly as possible to your local badger group as the cubs will need finding in the sett quickly before they die from starvation.

The way in which badgers live and their habits, together with local knowledge it is possible to retrace her trail in an attempt to find the sett, where a rescue attempt to save the cubs and the badger groups and the badger society is the best way to go.

So contacting your local badger group is the best option to quickly rescue the cubs and they can be located by performing an internet search for your local area.

Try the badger trust for assistance as well, please click below to go to

The Badger Trust

If you are unable to either check the badger or find and contact your local badger group please contact the Yorkshire Animal Welfare Society and we will attempt to assist, time is of the essence in order to save the cubs.

Remember to join us in our #stopandcheck appeal and raise awareness by sharing our appeal with family and friends.

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