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Here is a guide on what to look for in hedgehogs at this time of year - and what you can do to help

Hedgehogs are in serious decline and need our help
I must weigh 650g from October onwards to survive hibernation
If you see me out at night and I look small please weigh me, if I’m under 650g I need rescuing.
If you see me out in the daytime, please pick me up as there will be a reason I am not sleeping, I need rescuing. I may look wobbly, this could be signs of hypothermia.
Y.A.W.S Volunteer rescuing a hog from a school in Keighley

Secure me in a box and keep me warm (with a heat source if possible) and something to hide in (a towel or some hay). Then call a rescue as soon as you’re able as I will need fluids and medication.

Good things to feed me would be; meaty cat or dog food (nothing fish based), cat biscuits and water. Don’t give me milk or bread as it will make me poorly.

Call a suitable rescue immediately for help. hedgehogs are complex little creatures and need specialised care by experienced professionals.

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