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Hot Weather Warning! on the hottest day please leave your dog at home.

As the thermometer mercury is hitting 25oc this May bank holiday, with 2018, set to be the hottest on record.

You may think it is a great idea to take your dog out to play in the sunshine, maybe in a park or a walk in the hills, but please bear in mind that they were born with a fur coat.

While this is excellent for a dog to regulate its body temperature in temperate to cold conditions, in the heat, it is life-threatening for a dog.

Taking our dogs out in this heat is a significant risk if not monitored very carefully, things like leaving your dog in the car, even for a minute is life-threatening and very irresponsible.

Walking for long periods on hot ground, like tarmac will burn your dogs pads and overheating and dehydration is a real risk and can come on very quickly in some cases is life-threatening.

Please think about your dog and your planned destination, include areas of shade, giving your dog a rest with access to water whenever he/she is looking hot and panting.

Keep them out of the midday sun, and while going for a walk in the lovely sunshine may be fun for you it may just be a period of high stress to your dog having to cope with the heat.

Also you could see yourself foul of the law if its deemed you put your dog at risk or caused it unnecessary suffering i.e. leaving your dog in the car, not ensuring it's care i.e. re hydration you have a duty to not cause distress and suffering under the animal welfare act 2006.

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