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If you enjoy gardening and enjoy nature, then get in touch and join something special.

# Gardeningfornature

Yorkshire Animal Welfare Society is launching our gardening for nature project. We are searching for gardeners whether professional or hobbyists to help us to guide and help others introduce plants into there personal spaces that are beneficial to nature. To build gardening for nature club that collectively will have an impact in the local area at helping pollinators to thrive.

We believe that we can all play a part in helping to preserve pollinating insects; these insects are the gardeners of the earth, not humans. Insects are responsible for the pollination of our food and other plants that supports much of our wildlife

The UK has lost 97% of its wildflower meadows since the 1930s, and this is the primary driver for the decline in pollinators, together with intensive agriculture and use of pesticides. This has seen our pollinator populations in steep decline. Insects are the foundation of the earth’s food chain, without pollinators, plants will die out, and without plants, the earth's ecosystems will collapse, this will ultimately cause mass extinction across the planet including humans.

We need to act now by planting plants in our gardens and green spaces that supports pollinators, if you are interested in joining a group of like-minded people to guide people that want to introduce plants and landscaping in their personal areas that not only look great, but will also attract and encourage nature to your garden.

If enough people work together, we could achieve something special for nature, and people can only benefit from our efforts.

If you enjoy gardening and enjoy nature, then get in touch and join something special. #gardeningfornature

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