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Kestrel grounded in Keighley is saved by keen wildlife farmers

This Lovely little kestrel was found struggling on the ground at a farm in Keighley and was picked up by the farm owners Carson and Sylvia. They called us at YAWS to assist and in the meantime Carson had secured him and was feeding him strips of red meat.

The lovely couple, who are keen on wildlife have invited YAWS to install a soft release aviary for birds, particularly for raptors as they regularly have Buzzards, little and tawny owls as well as kestrels on their forty acre farm in Keighley, and all successfully breed on their land each year.

The kestrel was transferred to Corio Raptor Care and Rehabilitation Centre in high Bentham for some much needed TLC. Nothing broken, he'd just been bashed about in the wind.

Being the only raptor that truly hovers and weighing just the same as a black bird they do get knocked about in windy conditions, resulting in them struggling to find food.

Hopefully this little chap will be back out in the wild where he belongs very soon.

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