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Lost in BD8 in Bradford, and left to fend for herself for 3 days.

Sat in one position just waiting to be picked up. she finally was by YAWS AWO Stephen Cowens.

Fancy pigeon rescued by our AWO Stephen, after reports that this little pretty pigeon was found in the grounds of a school and left for 3 days in the same position.

This lovely little bird should never have been left as it is a domestic fancy pigeon and most probably got blown off course as its keeper was exercising their birds.

This bird is very thin and suffering from slight dehydration, she has had a comfortable night with us and has had a really good feed and fully watered together with electrolytes and is in good health considering her ordeal.

These birds are domestic like your parrots finches and parroletts like budgies, she would not have lasted long in the wild she hasn't the necessary life skills to find food and evade predators like her wild counterparts, so very well done to all involved in noticing her plight and bringing it to our attention.

As always Stephen was straight on scene scooped this vulnerable little bird up and brought her into YAWS.

Once she has put a little weight on and is stronger she will go outside into an aviary to build up her flight muscles and then we will be looking for a home for her.

If know someone in the vicinity of Allerton BD8 Area that may have lost a pigeon like this and has proof of ownership please share this post with them.

After 7 days, if she is ready to move on and you have the experience with pigeons and a loft available with other pigeons please come forward and we can adopt her out.

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