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Milly the Chihuahua is reunited by YAWS after she wandered off...

Onto busy Bradford roads last night.

This is little Milly who decided to take herself off on a little adventure yesterday evening without her family. Luckily she was found by Andy, Ashleigh and their children who noticed her trying to cross a main road Bradford. Andy scooped her up and took her back to their home for safe keeping.

Andy did the right thing and reported her to the BMDC Dog warden service (01274 433 927), and then called us for help. We offered to go out and scan the little Chihuahua as our volunteer welfare officer Stephen had got word of a missing dog matching Milly's description. Luckily Milly was micro-chipped so we got the chip number from the owner and rushed to the finder's address.

Making sure this girl got back to her rightful home was first priority for us so we checked that the chip number that we scanned matched the owners chip number. We were then able to return Milly home to a very grateful, and relieved owner, Andrea, who actually lived very near to where she was first seen out on the main road.

We should all be vigilant when dealing with lost dogs, ensuring that they are never handed over to anyone who cannot provide solid proof of ownership. All rightful owners will have a photo, the chip number, and will be able to give details of any distinguishing features such as wounds or marks that are individual to that dog.

Milly is back home with her owners safe and sound tonight, in her warm bed where she belongs. This was possible because she was micro-chipped.

It is a legal requirement to have your dog micro-chipped and at a cost of around £20 it doesn't seem much if it can save the heartache of losing a very special friend.

Having a disc and a collar is also not only a legal requirement but this can be the swiftest way to be reunited with your lost pet.

YAWS was happy to help you Milly - but please don't go wandering on your own again!

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