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Molly, gets a second chance, thanks to kind worried residents and .....

Rescues coming together.

Rescued 8th-13th of December 2017

Cleckheaton, Bradford

Molly a female cat from Cleckheaton, she came to our attention in the first week of December when a lovely lady from Cleckheaton sent us a message via our Facebook page.

The message came in from a couple of worried residents in Cleckheaton that have been feeding a black and white, young, female cat called Molly.

Now Molly does have an owner on the street, but she kept going to the couples garden to be fed and hung about most of the day and night. It became apparent that Molly spent a lot of time at different gardens wanting to get in the houses.

After while of looking after and feeding Molly, concern formed that advice was needed on a way forward for the long term welfare of Molly.

Especially because it was known that Molly was not neutered and Molly had been pregnant earlier in the year.

The residents knew this and confirmed Molly did have her kittens, due to a noted period of absence from the street to give birth to her kittens.

Then presumably when her kittens were weaned, Molly reappeared back on the street at all times day and night crying at the same houses once again.

Wanting someone to help Molly, one of the lovely residents contacted Y.A.W.S for advice, and after a bit of thought of how we were going to approach this incident?

So to avoid bad feeling in the street, we decided to see if we could help Molly? We drafted a letter that was posted to the address Molly's owner lives.

This letter was offering her owners help and advice, also pointing out the benefits of neutering.

We raised, why Molly appeared to be out all the times crying at other people's houses?

We offered that, if Molly was no longer wanted they could sign Molly over to the Yorkshire Animal Welfare Society.

We would find her a rescue space and a chance of a new life that she deserves.

Molly is a lovely friendly cat, and just wants to be loved in a warm home where she is wanted and safe.

After a couple of days Y.A.W.S received an response from Molly's owner, and it was agreed that Molly would be signed over into Y.A.W.S care.

Our Y.A.W.S volunteer field officer, James, attended and Molly was signed over into our care.

Whilst collecting Molly, our Volunteer colleagues were busy working hard behind the scenes on a mission to find Molly a rescue space.

When Sharon another Volunteer Field officer got the call that we all welcomed and one of her contacts has replied to our appeal with a space at Pink Paws Cat rescue in Cottingley.

We were so happy that Molly was now safe, and secure. Y.A.W.S then transferred Molly to Pink Paws Cat rescue together with a donation from us to go towards Molly's initial routine medication.

We would like to thank everyone involved in Molly's rescue from the kind people looking out for an animal in need to the wonderful Pink Paws Cat Rescue for coming to the aid of Molly and offering her a rescue space we are so grateful you are are wonderful.

As you can see from the photos above Molly looks great, she has since been neutered and recovering from that, she has settled in lovely and Molly will soon be looking for a new home and whole new start in life, lucky Molly.

If you would like to help animals in need like Molly. We always need volunteers and donations of food, towels, papers and money.

Which, would greatly help us continue to help animals and make a difference to animal welfare.

Please consider donating on the details below.

Thank you for supporting the Yorkshire Animal Welfare Society where we aim to help any animal most in need.

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