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New Y.A.W.S Rescue updates end of May/June 2018- Part 1

Firstly, we apologise for the lack of recent updates from the last couple of weeks, our volunteers have been very busy rescuing and rehabilitating lots of sick, injured, unwanted and orphan animals. As a result, we have got a bit behind with our social media platform pages.

The end of May and beginning of June saw Y.A.W.S has helped many animals far too many for me to sit down at the moment and get online, so we've decided we would bring them all together into one place and we are pleased to be introducing your 2018.....

Yorkshire Animal Welfare Society(Y.A.W.S) rescue news summary update. May - June 2018

Brown Rats 19/05/18 - Rescued from a rubbish skip.....

The 19th of May we had a remarkably different litter of Brown Rats come to our attention, actually 7 in total little helpless rat pups, collectively a rat group is known as a mischief, so we had a mischief of rat pups to hand-rear and did they live up to their name. whoa.....

we collected the mischief bundle from Damien who lives in the Wrose area in Bradford, Damien happened upon the litter of pups while at work he noticed the vulnerable group inside a rubbish skip. Damien took the rat pups home with him and had already tried various larger organisations that refused to help when he called the Yorkshire Animal Welfare Society for help.

James collected the pups and has been hand rearing the fast, agile rodents back at his base in Queensbury, and all seven have recently been successfully soft released back to the wild.

May has seen us take in lots of Blackbirds.....

They have been coming in to us at an almost daily rate, birds at all stages of development from fully feathered fledglings to bald jelly bean looking nestlings.

One such call we had a call from the Kingsway Vets in Skipton, and a lady had taken the fledgeling into the practice when they happened across the baby bird while they were out.

Concerned they picked up the bird up and transported it to the Kingsway Veterinary practice on Otley Road in the market town, James collected the fledgeling after it had been at the practice for a few days, and not able to return the healthy fledgeling, unfortunately he had to come into Y.A.W.S care to finish off his fledging to the wild.

We are happy to report the baby Blackbird has now been recently rehabilitated back to the wild and thank you to the team at Kingsway for all their help in this birds rescue.

We currently still have blackbirds in our care and have four ready to fledge in the next day or so.​

Adult House Sparrows take a pounding.....

Unusually for Y.A.W.S, May has seen a high number of adult House sparrows admitted due to possible impact, and in shock, a couple were poorly and so affected by shock they had shut down, they were both given supportive care, but both didn't make it.

We have had a couple of nestlings in, we think are house sparrows due to the location of which they were both had been found out exposed and cold for a few hours after somehow falling from their nests.

A Handsome, colourful Mallard hits the ground hard in Bingley.....

28th of May we collected a mallard drake from Aireworth vets in Keighley who had admitted this duck from a lady in Bingley, the Leeds and Liverpool canal runs through the village, and we quite often get a few calls for water birds sick and injured on this stretch of the canal per year.

When we collected the duck, he was taking cover under a rubbish bin, and he was in a collapsed state, and unwilling or unable to support his weight.

After a thorough examination at the vets in Aireworth road and nothing apparent showed up, following the advice that was given by the team at we gave him supportive care and medication for a couple of weeks, and last week he was returned and released to the wild.

Baby Wood pigeons dropping from the skies......

And finally, in Part one of the Y.A.W.S rescue updates is the Woodpigeon.

Throughout May we have had quite a number of woodies come into our society for various reasons most are just young fledgeling birds that have ended up on the ground, and together with the woodpigeons relatively new behaviour of nesting in gardens and these squabs are then found by householders and picked up or worse by their pets.

All have been successfully rehabilitated and released or moved on to other rescues with available space or better facilities for the complex incidents seen, we have had some sadness and seen some birds with the most horrific of significant trauma injuries arising from various reasons and circumstances.

These injuries are from cat attacks, hawk attacks, and some have been as a result of impact accidents, and a result of other natural, accidental occurrences and birds affected with the severity of the above have most likely have died as a result.

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