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On Aug 26, 2017 Owl found at the side of the busy A629 in Keighley.

A worth valley Tawny owl gets a second chance at life as she is released after she was found in the gutter on the busy A629 in Keighley, a kind passerby saw the grounded owl huddled motionless in the gutter and realised the owl needed help fast. The kind lady stopped her car and picked up the little owl wrapping her up in her coat, it's probable that due to the location that this little owl was found she had likely to have been clipped by a vehicle and was shocked and a little stunned. Once back in the car the lovely lady concerned for the owl's health she rushes the owl to the nearest vet's, where she was checked over by a nurse and a vet and monitored cared for a few days at Aireworth vets.We then got the call from the practice requesting help and with the little owl. When we arrived we assessed the owl's overall condition and double checked that we couldn't find anything wrong, we also observed on how alert she was, also she was in good bodily condition and really bright and alert, (well as bright as captured Tawny looks, this species of owl commonly fakes death or sits huddled and motionless when threatened hoping the threat either passes or they aren't noticed). We also think that due to her size that she was a female tawny. We think this because the female Tawny owl as with many birds of prey is a little larger in body size than the male, Whilst we were checking if both wings appeared to work as they should the little owl took its chance and going from playing dead to taking off and flying across the room, stood open-mouthed we all were very surprised at this turn of speed but also very pleased at this burst of energy because it showed us that the impromptu flight test the owl was ready to go back to the wild. We got the exact location the owl was found and we contacted the lady who found the owl and we arranged a time to meet and release the owl near as possible to the location the owl was picked from. The Tawny owl is a territorial bird and it is important that adult tawny's go back to the area they are from, and this adult female will most definitely be holding a territory and its resources of survival in this area and will also probably have a mate to go back to, so we needed to return her as soon as possible to avoid losing this putting her at a disadvantage. On our arrival it was just dusk the road was much quieter and whilst waiting for the lady to arrive we looked up into the field, and a Roe deer doe ambles up the field completely unaware or phased by our presence, it just goes to show how much wildlife can be seen so close to human settlements and at times we all can see them. Whilst we were getting ready to release this beautiful owl we hear another tawny calling in the background so this is most probably this owl's mate calling for her to respond to his calls, and very reassuring that we were releasing in the right place. We hold her up facing away from the road and let her take in her surroundings and getting her bearings and as quick as it started she took off and flew straight into the woodland and out of sight. what a lovely privilege it was to interact with this specialist hunter evolved to have some very unique and special adaptations making this bird like all owls very special and fascinating animals.

Release of the tawny owl

Some interesting Owl facts and why you should find out more about these lovely special birds. Did you know? The Tawny owl is by far Britain's commonest Owl, outnumbering the Barn Owl by 10-1 and Little Owl by 2/3-1 If you hear the distinct call of twit twoo that we all associate with a single owl, well, in fact, the twit(Actual call is Ke Wick) is one owl the female and the twoo ( actually - hoo oo) of the male is a contact response from a pair of owls. Being primarily a woodland bird and the fact that owls aren't very waterproof and dislike water, the tawny owl isn't found widespread on the UK's islands and Britain's treeless upland areas. The Tawny owl's cute large round face and big black eyes not only give this owl a very cute appealing look but are in fact very special adaptations giving these owl's superpowers, the round face is called the facial disk and is shaped in such a specific way that directs sound into the birds ears that are placed just behind its eyes on the side of its head, giving this bird exceptional powerful hearing helping it to locate and pinpoint its prey's location on the dark woodland floor at night.

The owl's eyes are also very special and key to its success, that in relation to its body size the eye of the Tawny is so large and take so much space in the bird's skull that it hasn't a very big brain and if humans had the same size eyes in our head we would have 100x the sight we currently have. Tawny Owls use sit and wait tactics for hunting, using a favourite perch to observe from. If you are wanting to attract tawny owls to your garden, Tawny Owls may perch close by a feeding station waiting for small rodents attracted at the spilt seed etc...then swoop down to take them. Keeping feeders stocked and throwing Seed Mixes on the floor may attract Tawny Owls to your garden as will putting up Owl Boxes for nesting.

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