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Poppy looking for a new home in 2018

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Please Share to help find the lovely little poppy a new home now we have started 2018.

  • 14 weeks old

  • Little Girl

  • Tabby and White Domestic short haired

  • Fully vaccinated

  • Vet health checked

Poppy came in on the 29th of October with her sibling brothers Biscuit and Misscheif, we received a call from Darvils pet shop after someone had found them in a wet box, cold and shivering in wet conditions.

The person then dumped them on the counter at the pet shop at four lane ends in Bradford, When we were called and Stephen Y.A.W.S Volunteer Field officer collected the 5/6 week old kittens and were taken to Y.A.W.S chair James who offered to foster the bedraggled kittens.

Once the kittens we checked over, warmed up and fed apart from signs of cat flu in one of the three kittens, they were were remarkably unscathed by there premature split from the mother cat, due to the spitting and reluctance to being handled it's safe to say these little ones had been born outside and were well on the way to being at least semi feral.

After lots of playtime and calm, reassuring surroundings with the resident animals including friendly dog friends we can cuddle up to for comfort.

We also had the resident cats who taught us how to be cats and behave round other cats and of course the funny chickens that if they wander into the house! if we run up to to them with our tails up and half pounce! the chickens make a funny noise and run and if you run after them! they run really fast!!!

Poppy is around 14wks old, and will need neutering when she is old enough, to avoid anymore kittens getting in the same predicament that she was found and rescued from.

Poppy is fully vaccinated and will be chipped once she has found her new home.

  • Poppy is a very loving kitten and alwsys follows you around the house like a little puppy, she doesn't really dig her claws in when playing but has been known to, as well as chase after and pounce on anything that grabs her attention, Poppy is a confident little kitten and is very loving as long as you don't try to cuddle her tightly, so Poppy would benefit from a household with adults and/or older children.

Poppy is a pleasure to have around, shes a confident little kitten that does things that make us laugh like chase the brush around and loves playtime and fun, she gets bored readily and will make her own mischief.

Could you offer Poppy a good, loving home with the time and patience she needs to grow into a lovely confident, part of the family.

If you are interested in adopting Poppy please send us an email to info@yorkshireaws.org or text POPPY to 07999976403 and we will forward you on an adoption enquiry form.

Please note £50 donation and home visit apply with this adoption.

Donation is to cover the costs Y.A.W.S incurred in her rescue.

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