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RAFA - Black-headed Gull (Nestling/Fledgling)

Meet Rafa The newest admission to Yorkshire Animal Welfare Society (YAWS)

Rafa's name meaning Shadow (black headed), was admitted into Yaws last night when YAWS Rescue officer Stephen picked him up from a schools grounds after Rafa had fallen from the roof, when he was found he was being mobbed by other birds and as a result he was a little shocked and has a very minor cut on his wing, apart from that and a slight injury to his foot he's sustained no real harm.

Weighing in at only 7 Oz this lovely little gull needs to put on some weight and condition, his plumage is not the best or the cleanest and he has a dirty beak suggesting a very poor diet, this type of occurrence is becoming more of an issue with birds that live and breed in the city, corvid fledglings that are close to the city we have noticed the amount of babies coming in with poor plumage and this will be life threatening for those not found and brought into a rescue, we can only assume this is due to being opportunistic in nature and the parents must providing a poor diet on the left overs of human beings i.e easy to find fast food, and high density of people in these areas together with the dirty way in which people live all have an effect on the birds that also chose to live in our city's.

Rafa will be staying with YAWS on a good diet and regular weigh -ins, until he has grown a little bit and is fully feathered when he will go into an aviary to build up his muscles and learn to fly.

We can move him on to the next step of his rehabilitation by getting him ready for release only then will we know what damage has been done to his unfortanate start to his short life.

One thing he's a tough little charachter and is strong with a good peck on him just what you would expect from a wild gull.

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