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Roller pigeon rescued from a garden in BD2

Meet Wilma the roller from BD2.

Who was noticed when she was hanging around in the garden of Diane, for a few days and so hungry she even went into Diane's house.

Diane placed her problem online and was advised to confine the lovely pigeon by our volunteer Stephen after we were tagged in Diane's post, and we said we'd collect. Once the pigeon was confined we got the call, so we went and picked her up. Our initial assessment is that she is severely lean, as we suspected from a domestic pet- that fancy pigeons like this one is.

Like any domestic animal it relies upon and used to being fed by people, She hasn’t got the skills or experience to find her own food, unfortunately. And a Probable reason she was trying to get into Diane's house. She was starving and crying out for help.

She also has a couple of wounds and a few broken feathers but will be just fine. Well done to our caller for noticing and soliciting help, you saved her life. We are presently looking for an owner, and if we're unfortunate, we will feed her up, and once she's assessed as fit, we will be looking to find her a home.

If you believe this is your pigeon, please get in touch together with your proof of ownership, and we will be pleased to reunite you both. #pigeon

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