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Sammi the tiny hedgehog is rescued from a car park in Leeds

This little hog (named Sammi Jnr.) was found during the daytime shuffling about in leaves in a car park on an industrial estate in Wortley, Leeds.

Sammi (the finder - yes, you guessed who named the little fellow!) had a furry blanket in her car so she picked him up and popped him in her car. She could tell he needed help as she could see he had some quite large ticks on his back, and he was also very small (weighing just 303g). She called James at YAWS who has taken him in. He is currently being assessed for any medical treatment he needs. At this time of year, with him being so small it's likely he will be over-wintered at YAWS until Spring, when hopefully he will be a fit, strapping lad ready to go out and do what he does best!

If you see any hedgehogs out during the day, especially if they look small. please call your local rescue, or YAWS as they will be in trouble and in need of rescue.

Thanks Sammi for helping this little one.

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