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So you've found a sick or injured bird, What do you do?

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

So you've found a sick or injured bird, What do you do?

So you have found a sick or injured looking bird and unsure what to do? Start with confining the bird in a container appropriate to its size, in most cases a cardboard box with holes in or a pet carrier is perfectly fine.

If you think it is young and looks uninjured, please refer to this advice (found a fledgeling/Baby bird), below is for adult sick and injured birds.

You can use a towel to help capture the bird safely, and If you have to touch the bird directly, it is advisable to put gloves on for a couple of reasons our oils in the human skin can compromise a bird's natural waterproofing also to protect yourself from zoonotic disorders from arising from direct contact.

While handling the bird check it over and try to identify what its issues may be, then put the bird somewhere warm, very quiet and cover the entrance so the bird cannot see out, this will help with the life-threatening effects of a shocked bird.

Please do offer it a shallow dish of water, but no food please as feeding a shocked bird can be detrimental to its chance of recovery.

If the bird is a wild species immediately call your local wildlife rehabilitator for assistance if you haven't got a local organisation take the bird to your local vet, please ask if they work with any wildlife rehabilitators for transfer to them after the initial emergency treatment has been given to stabilise the bird.

If the bird looks like a pet bird that has escaped, please continue as above, but take directly to your local vet. If someone is looking for the bird, it is more likely to be reunited with its owner if it is in a public place like a veterinary surgery.

If you can't confine the bird, please contact your local wildlife rescue service Y.A.W.S on 07999976403 or the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999, please keep a close eye on the bird lookout for ground predators like cats and to assist rescuers to locate the bird quickly.

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