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So you've found a stray or lost Cat? You are at the right place.....

So you've found a stray or lost animal? You are at the right place.....

Don't worry I'm sure we can assist in some way, finding a domestic animal whether it is sick, injured or lost and straying it is very different from dealing with our wildlife.

Please read! Yorkshire, Animal Welfare Society, started out life to deal with the animals most at need and at risk, currently, the most need is wildlife due to the lack of organisations dealing effectively with wild animals.

As a result, YAWS is set up predominantly for the treatment and release of wild animals.

While we have plans to take in and re-home domestic animals in the future, we currently don't have the resources, personnel or infrastructure to take in stray domestics, except for small furries and birds, but we will try to assist if we can.

Stray Cats & what to do if you have found one?

You have a healthy Stray visiting?

A stray cat that has just turned up and you don't know if it is genuinely lost, firstly if you have fed the cat, previously it will return, and if it is clean looking and in a good bodily condition, you don't need to worry about it.

Cats have a right to roam and are territorial animals if you feed this cat on its territorial walk about it will remember and return every day due to the local behaviour cats exhibit.

First thing to do is......?

If you are worried you can make a paper collar with your telephone number on and await a response also a found poster in the local area can also help locate an owner as well as taking it down to your local vets to check for a microchip.

Also utilise local public spaces close to where the cat was found, like shops,doctors to put up a found poster.

Post your found cat on social media and request it is shared around your local groups and community pages.

Cats stuck up trees etc...

So you have noticed a cat up a tree or similar, and it appears stuck? These kind of jobs are dangerous for the cat, cats are equipped with a full set of forward facing crampons(claws) helping them to gain purchase on things to help them climb, unfortunately, they don't work so well coming down again.

If you see a cat in distress in such a situation, then call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 and log the call, so this makes them aware of the amount of time the cat has been stuck.

The best course of action is if the cat finds it's own way down. Because if the cat needs to be rescued this can prove very dangerous for a nervous cat. This is because if it decides to leap out of the tree to get away from rescuers that are climbing to rescue it.

In our experience, 50% of these types of rescue end with a cat that has jumped to avoid the rescuer and at best injured itself but fatalities have been known.

It can take a cat 3/4 days to get down, so unless the cat is at significant risk (over a river, high winds) monitor the cat carefully.

Sick & Injured Cats

You have come across an injured or sick cat, firstly take a good picture on your phone and confine the cat if possible, cats can run just about as well on 3 legs as they do on 4 legs.

Once confined, please take it and drop it off at the local vet's, all vets have a duty to provide Initial Emergency Treatment they should make comfortable and check for a microchip, and make enquiries to locate the owner.

If you can't confine and the cat isn't friendly or injured/sick enough to confine, you may need help, the cat will need to be in a feeding regime if the cat needs to be trapped, we can help with providing you with a trap and assist you in catching the cat.

You could also call the RSPCA to assist in trapping and treating the cat. Also, it would help if you put a post on local social media pages and groups as well as putting posts up in the local area and local shops to let an owner know their cat is injured.

Feral colonies

A feral cat is a regular domestic cat that has no or little contact with humans and has returned to a semi-wild state (feral), they are essentially a wild animal and as such can't be dealt with in the usual way if it was a friendly stray.

If you have or are aware of any feral colonies, these need attention as soon as possible.

Cats suffer disease and injuries in this type of situation, and it is crucial it is dealt with quickly, the typical way to deal with a feral colony is to trap, neuter and release all the cats within the territory and further monitoring of the colony for new additions, so they don't increase in numbers.

We will assist in this if funds are available, you can also contact local; cat charities and organisations like the Cats Protection League who often have volunteers in the area to assist with feral colonies.

West Yorkshire Cats Lost & Found

Please email - info@yorkshireaws.org
Please send a photo and full details and we will send out an lost and found alert like the one below.

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