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Stop the war on our wildlife for bloodsports- Bingley Moor

· Please read and share to raise awareness. this is happening in your community!

All the animals you see in the picture are brutally and cruelly killed each year to protect game birds for the cruel and outdated blood sport of shooting.

Did you know? That thousands of our wild animals are cruelly killed each year for profit and greed for landowners of grouse moors and under the dubious guise of conserving species of birds that are declining. For other significant reasons but not just natural predators?

Are Curlew and lapwing under threat? Well yes, but the primary driver of this decline is because of intensive farming practices and subsequent loss of habitat. (Not down to predation)

Bingley moor is the latest moor to be under the spotlight after illegal snaring and using cruel practices like using cruel jaw traps were filmed, according to LACS investigators. In response, the moor's landowners claim 'that foxes are coming in from the town centre to kill these ground-nesting birds' Which is rubbish and the lack of education on the fox that they are killing is worrying?

Research showed that countryside and urban foxes do not mix.

Also if this is for the reasons they justify the mass killing? why are the killing rabbit on mass?Rabbit is the primary prey for most of these predators pictured.

If they take out the predators natural prey, they are just pushing these predators to seek other sources of food, and that's when ground-nesting birds may be targeted. Does a fox want to substantial meal of a rabbit or a tiny morsel of a lapwing chick? foxes would need hundreds tiny chicks to survive?

Also, rural and urban habitats are so different that foxes born and raised in an urban environment do not have the skills to live in a rural setting and vice versa. Which is the reason if we rehab any foxes they have to go back to the environment they know. I.e. Urban foxes in an urban setting and any foxes from a rural setting would go back to a rural environment.

So their claims are weak and just wouldn't happen?

Also what other efforts are the moors owners implementing but killing predators to protect these birds, we would be interested to know. As both species of bird need completely different habitats lapwing prefer to be near farmland/grassland after their chicks hatch and curlew prefer more upland damp areas. So is the moor partnership killing all predators across the whole moor for two species of birds? Which is very worrying. Where are there efforts to save the hen harrier another bird at risk of extinction? These weren't mentioned? apex predators are essential for a healthy ecosystem, so are they are damaging the environment at an evolution level?

Or is this massacre? As we suspect to protect game birds that are bred to be shot at for an outdated blood sport.

Please help efforts to raise awareness of this massacre and help end the cruelty of these people.

Please send a message to the chair of Bingley Moor Partnership to show your disgust at what they are doing to our wildlife for profit and greed. Please help us to put pressure on and urge these people to stop this massacre.

Badgers are on there because of the cull and awareness to stop this government led a massacre of a protected species. They want to destroy 70% on rubbish data.

Stop the war on our wildlife League Against Cruel Sports https://buff.ly/2tyfY9E

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