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Thank you to our colleagues at Corio Raptor Care & Rehabilitation

As you are aware, The Yorkshire Animal Welfare Society is an emergancy rescue service operating in the West Yorkshire area, we go out and help animals most in need.

We have a rehabilitation units dotted about the West Yorkshire area one in Queensbury that can take in birds and small mammals, we have our hedgehog lady in Halifax that is doing a wonderful job with hogs needing help, we have use if a small holding in Ludenden foot for larger animals like foxes/badgers and livestock that also doubles up as large water bird rehab and a rehabilitation unit in Ossett that also takes in small birds and the odd small mammal, together with our fosterers that can help with small domestics.

But we can't do everything and we work very closely with specially selected specialist rescues, today we are looking for you to join our support for such a rescue our raptor(birds of prey) experts


Corio Raptor Care and rehabilitation is run by Nick and Angie Henderson that are located in High Bentham in North Yorkshire and all of our Birds of prey we pick up go here.

Nick is a very experienced falconary expert with many years experience and we are honoured to be working alongside such a dedicated and experienced expert.

We want to express our thanks for everything they have done in 2017 and hope we can continue working as closely in 2018 as we have in 2017.

We are asking all our supporters to pop along to their Facebook page and hit like and follow the amazing work this terrific and dedicated couple do for birds of prey.

We need to cherish and fully support rescues like Corio that work tirelessly day in and day out looking out for one of the most persecuted genre of birds in the UK today, and much of it goes completley unnoticed, which is why we have decided to highlight them on our media platforms and share their work with our supporters.

If you should see the team at Corio out and about please show them your support they need it and please like and share their page and if you can help them to continue there excellent work by donating to their rescue and help keep them going in 2018.

Thank you from myself and all the volunteers at the Yorkshire Animal Welfare Society we couldn't do our work without you guys. Thank you James and all at Y.A.W.S.

Working together for the benefit of animals and their welfare. Thank you.

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