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The Big Garden Bird Watch 26th-28th of January 2019

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Here is the first thing you can do something good for animals, help the RSPB they say

"Thanks to you, in January 2018 we got a snapshot of how our garden birds are faring. Take a look to see the full results for Big Garden Birdwatch 2018.Read more at "

The Birdwatch results for 2018

They continue to say,

"Thank you very much for taking part in the Big Garden Birdwatch 2018. It's been running since 1979, so we've now got 39 years of data to look back on. This information is vital, as is shows us the species that need our help, and the ones that are thriving. Then we can put steps in place to put that right.Thanks to you, we can now reveal the top 10 garden birds in the UK and Northern Ireland. Yet again, the house sparrow was at the top spot. Then we have the starling at number two. In at number three was the blue tit, followed by blackbird, woodpigeon and goldfinch. Number seven was great tit, number eight was robin, and in at nine and ten were long-tailed tit "

Join in and do something good for Animals here,

Get ready for the Big Garden Bird Watch 2019 Here

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