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Two new residents in rehabilitation at YAWS

Two wild birds are now in our Queensbury rehabilitation centre after being takin in by the YAWS team.

The little squab was handed in to Reptilia Rescue by a member of the public. He's almost flying and feeding him self (although the little monkey will wait to be hand fed!). It won't be long before he can start building up his muscles for release in a soft release aviary.

We were called out to collect this Magpie after a member of the public found him falling over, possibly from concussion. Aireworth vets at Keighley gave an initial check over and couldn't find much wrong so he's now at YAWS Queensbury for further assessment and rehab. He's thin so has possibly struggled with strong flight and hit something. He's now eating really well and not fallen over in 24 hrs so hopefully it won't be long before he can go back to the wild via a soft release aviary too


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