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UPDATE - Adopted Kittens George (Biscuit) and Sock (Mischief)

15th Dec 2017

We caught up with George and Socks, that was adopted a week ago and their new family , we met Tracey and Stephen Carolan and the two kittens last night at Gatehouse vets 15/12/17, this was a routine visit so the kittens could have their second health check, first vaccination, some flea and worm treatment and a second check on George's eyes because even after 5 weeks his eyes are still watering, so the vet gave the Carolans some eye cream to put in three times a day.

It was lovely to see the boys all chilled out with their new family, and glad they are settling in well and making themselves at home, they are even effective and helping take down the christmas decorations for the family lol.

Rescuing kittens like George and socks costs Y.A.W.S about £50-£100 per kitten to rehabilitate, vet visits, medications and vaccinations, chipping.......

We would like to rescue more kittens like George and Socks and in order to do this we need kind donations from supporters of our work.

Please consider donating to Y.A.W.S so we can continue to help kittens like George(biscuit) and Socks(mischief)

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