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Update on Lucy and Joe the lucky cat attack duo

Remember Joe the Blackbird from Northowram and Lucy the Collard Dove from Ovenden area of Halifax, well here we have a progress update from Lisa our bird carer.

Pictured Joe and Lucy 09/05/18 just after being fed

Joe is doing well, he has been feeding well for Lisa and is still receiving antibiotics for his wounds that have dried and are healing as expected. Joe wasn't too good yesterday 08/05/18 and gave Lisa a bit of a scare, but he was much brighter this morning demanding to feed, as you can see by the picture he is looking perky.

Lucy only came in yesterday, and she is a little sweety, she's been feeding well for Lisa and is behaving herself as well as being a good sister to Joe. Lucy will be on antibiotics for a few more days yet but if all keeps going as they are they should be just fine and all down to their dedicated carer Lisa, well done to her.

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