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Urgent foster and new home required for two budgies

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Two Budgies needing a new home, we have been asked to take two budgies that need either an urgent foster home or adoption to a good home.

A pair of beautiful colourful budgerigars in need of an urgent rescue space after the familie's child has become allergic to the dust that comes off birds that they use to condition their feathers.

This is very urgent so please is there a kind person willing to foster these two, whilst we can find them a secure safe home and we can adopt them out.

We are also looking for a loving home that these two can have a great life, we would prefer an aviary type home for these two to allow them the space they need to fly about and act a natural way.

We wouldn't preclude an indoor home but the cage is important and the routine you are going to employ to ensure these lovely charismatic little parrolets, have the space to explore natural as possible behaviours.

A home Visit and £5.00 each adoption fee is applicable, if you think you could help out budgies please get in touch.

Please fill in attached enquiry form don't forget to hit submit and we will get a notification and can action many thanks for your interest in The Yorkshire Animal Welfare Society

Adoption enquiry form

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