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Volunteers come out in the rain to help find Luna the lost Chihuahua

A huge thank you to all that turned out today in the snow and freezing conditions to look for Luna the little chihuahua from BD6.

Volunteers thoroughly searched the alleys and rat runs moving fly tipped rubbish and detritus in an attempt to locate this little chihuahua that has been missing for the last two weeks, but unfortunately we found no sign of Luna.

Thank you to everyone who assisted today and it has put the families mind at rest that she isn't hiding in the passageways.

We feel that Luna has been picked up so efforts need to be focused on a wider geographical area, can we ask people to monitor for sale posts and rescue sites to see if Luna turns up on any of these.

If you see a little dog for sale that looks like Luna please share and people can be sent to see if it's Luna.

Please join find Luna Facebook page and please share her little face male this dog too hot to handle and report back any possible sightings.

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