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Want a good deal on your next pet, then ADOPT and not SHOP

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Why Animal adoption is needed?

Every year thousands of unwanted animals find themselves in a rescue situation and need a second chance at life.

Animals usually find themselves in a rescue situation through no fault of their own, an animal is the product of human handling and training and other influences in their environment, so a lousy pet is always down to its owner.

Rescues need people to adopt rather than buy.....

Also, please bear in mind that most good rescues are always running at 95-100% capacity, so adopting an animal, you are making space for another animal requiring rescue, start your search for your nearest rescue centre try doing a search on Social media and regularly perform internet searches.

Unable to find a relevant one in a local search try calling the nearest to you and ask if they know of any closer to you.

Animals of all different sizes, breeds and species do find themselves in a rescue somewhere in the UK every day. Adoption is good for giving a needy animal a second chance at life and making space for another needy animal needing to be rescued. Also, you know you are receiving an animal that has been vet checked and thoroughly assessed.

Its a safer way to get a new pet

Once an animal is in rescue, a good rescue will assess the animal in some way, including behaviour and health.

The animal will likely be vet checked, and microchipped if required, vaccinated and neutered.

This could quite easily cost over a hundred pounds at a local vet, and if you go out and purchase a pet from a breeder or pet shop, This cost will usually be above what you paid for the animal.

You will usually pay far less in an adoption

In an animal adoption, the price is usually considerably lower than the costs of buying an animal, when you add all the things a responsible pet owner would require for their new pet to help keep them happy and healthy, adoption is far better financially.

Rescues usually will help and guide you if you hit a bump

Additional things to take into consideration are, while everything is going just fine with your new purchase off gum tree and you may not need the help of an expert.

But? What would you do if you've bought a puppy online and things don't turn out as you hoped? He/she gets sick.

You will likely have to be prepared to have to pay hefty fees for vet fees or corrective training and expert knowledge if your purchase isn't insured.

And then the cost of care to get them back to full health.

Peace of mind you are not alone

Now if you were wise enough to adopt your new pet? You are safe in the knowledge that if you need expert advice the rescue will always be happy to help and it is usually for free or at a much reduced cost for bespoke expert advice.

You wont be left out in the cold with a rescue and you wont get that great deal in the for sale adverts.

Think Smart, Be Smart, ADOPT not SHOP.
Don't help cruelty carry on

Finally you will have that feel great feeling that you are giving an animal a second chance in life.

Also by adopting, you are safe in the knowledge your not assisting the cruel profiteering criminals like puppy farm owners that have a comfortable life at the expense of animal welfare.


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